Bank Account Levy Taxes Services or State tax levy is the actual action taken by the taxing authority to collect back taxes. You need to take the levy tax solutions or services to come out of this situation.

For example, the IRS can issue a bank levy to obtain your cash in savings and checking accounts. Or the IRS can levy your wages or accounts receivable. The person, company, or institution that is served the levy must comply or face their own IRS problems.

The additional paperwork this person, company or institution is faced with to comply with the levy usually causes the taxpayer’s relationship to suffer with the person being levied. Levies should be avoided at all costs and are usually the result of poor or no communication with the IRS or State. A person should seek IRS tax relief before the situation ever gets to this point.

The IRS issues thousands of levies on bank accounts and accounts receivables every day, in which they are able to freeze and seize your money. In many situations, there are established steps that Strategic Tax Solutions LLC, can take in order to reverse bank levies and retrieve part or all of the funds taken by the taxing authorities. Furthermore, while Strategic Tax Solutions LLC, is providing one of our many solutions to you, it is a priority of ours to keep our clients’ bank accounts, wages, and assets protected going forward. Strategic Tax Solutions LLC, has been successful in preventing and reversing thousands of bank levies.

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