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Tax Problem? No Problem!

Entity Tax Analysis

What business entity is best for you? Which will allow you to lower your tax bill, hyper fund your retirement, or meet your objectives?

C Corp Taxation

Double taxation isn’t always a bad thing. A C corp pays tax on its profit and shareholders pay tax on wages and dividends. Learn how this can benefit you.

S Corp Taxation

Social Security and Medicare taxes are 15.3% of net profit. If you operate a business the S Corp election may enable your to lower your tax bill by 15.3%.

LLC Taxation

LLCs can choose to be taxed as C corps, S corps, partnerships, or pass through entities. What’s best for you?

Self-Directed IRA

Take control of your investments and forego paying taxes until you withdraw retirement funds. With an SDIRA you control investments, and defer taxable gains.

Solo 401k

With a solo 401k you can hyper fund your retirement and put away as much as $54,000 per year while a traditional IRA has limits as low as $5,500.

Best Tax Planning Services in the Country

Tax planning is crucial as it helps in saving a lot in the long run when you plan well your finances and how you want to go about with the taxes. Small mistakes can cost you a lot. You need to choose to work with a professional firm like us if you want to be safe and enjoy many benefits that come when you do proper tax planning.

When it comes to tax planning services, no one can serve you better than us. We try to devise plans for you or your business only after fully analyzing your existing condition and after understanding your future plans and goals. Reach out to us if you are in confusion and not sure where to start.

Our expert team will reach out to you soon so that we can give you the best service that will help you to make informed decisions. You will be happy that you made this choice today!