tax deductions list

Claim legitimate tax deductions if you desire to scale your business. Do you know that you can legally write off some expenses? When you do that, you will owe less amount towards the taxes. Have the tax deductions list handy with you, so you know which one you can claim.  

Running a business is not a small feat. You must be on your toes if you want to save money. If these tax deductions guidelines are Greek and Latin, you must plan to use a professional company to assist you with this task. Professional companies will assist you in choosing the right tax deductions. 

Know that using tax deductions is a strategy that will bless your company in a long way. You can consider any expense that you incur to run your business for the tax deduction. Personal expenses do not fall under this category. Here’s a list that you can follow for tax planning:

Salaries for Employees

Most employers know that they can show salaries and other fringe benefits that give their employees an expense tax-deductible. 

One should not forget that the payments you make to your partners, LLC members, or money you take as a sole proprietor do not account as an expense. 

Only when the company is an S or C corporation can the owner be shown as an employee. But he has to put in some effort, which is beyond the minor services that he renders. 

Usage of Vehicles

Some businesses rely on vehicles to keep them on board and to reach their business goals. If you are using cars or trucks, you must abide by the IRS approved standard mileage rate each year. When you follow this set format, you do not have to maintain any records that let you know how much gasoline and how many times you did change the oil. 

Supplies You Need

Here are some expenses that you use towards supplies you use to run your business that you can claim towards tax deductions:

  1. Cleaning Chemicals or Suppliers
  2. Cleaning Services
  3. Vacuum Cleaners
  4. Postage materials and stamps
  5. Tablets and so forth

Contract Labor

If you are using independent workers or freelancers to help you with your business tasks, know that you can claim that expense toward a tax deduction. You can claim this if you are paying more than $600 in a given year. But, you should, send them a 1099-K form. You have to send this document proactively. 


If you are using a space to run your business, that’s excellent. You can claim the amount you pay towards rent as an expense. Rent includes the office and the storefront, factory, or any other facility you use to run your business.


Do you know that you claim the expenses that you use to run your facilities such as electricity, business mobile phone, water, and other similar charges? 

Insurance for Business

You can claim the expenses that you spend on insurance towards tax deductions. Take time to check what types of insurance you claim before taking things further. 

Repair Costs

Yes, any amount you spend towards repairs and maintenances are fully exempt and are tax-deductible. Hence, maintain a record of the repairs and the amount you pay towards regular maintenance.

Fees and Commissions

The best part is if you are paying commission or fees to do specific tasks, you should know that most of them are tax-deductible. The only amount that you cannot deduct is the commission that you pay towards real estate. 

Travel Expenses of Staff

If your staff travels for work, you can deduct all the expenses related to their travel, including airfare, hotel stay, food, tips, and local commute. 

You will save a lot of money if you follow the tax deductions list, as shown above.